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Someone Elses Treasure

Welcome to Someone Elses Treasure, the place to find unique and individual pieces of jewellery at a fraction of the retail price.  I also have available vintage bags and shoes as well as new costume jewellery.

Over the years I have collected some fabulous jewellery, sourced from a variety of places including an estate and antique jewellery store I worked at for many years.

I believe vintage, estate and antique jewellery to be highly collectable.  Not only does this jewellery have a history behind it, they are always so well made and continue to increase in value over the years.  Many times when you purchase a piece of "pre-loved" jewellery you will find it is often worth much more than what you paid for it.

Here I offer to you part of my collection of one-off jewellery, personally chosen so every piece I believe is absolutely gorgeous, and affordable.  We specialise in marcasite rings and unusual designs.

And of course the bags and shoes are one-off as well, something unique to make you stand out from the crowd.

I am excited to announce that we have a new collection of brand new costume jewellery available.

Someone Elses Treasure is an Australian Online shop hosted at Etsy and I ship worldwide.

I hope you enjoy your time at Someone Elses Treasure and find something to add to your own collection.

Warm Regards,